26452_10150188839760057_4624698_n SF 2 Ghosts 5

I am compelled/condemned to use the pronoun “I” throughout this page.

I led the delivery of Version of Events for Creative Youth Network. 
I collaborated with Splash & Ripple on Ghosts in the Garden. That was on here….

I’ve just finished working on Punchdrunk’s The Borough in Suffolk.

I’m a founding member and the Creative Director of Tin Horse Theatre.
I’ve worked for & with various people including Punchdrunk, Hide & Seek, Greenwich + Docklands Festival and Splash and Ripple.

I’ve also done/do other work outside of the creative sector  -  a healthy thing in many ways. See here

What else?
I spent my formative years and most of my early career in London.
I now live in Bristol.
I went to uni in Kingston (that’s not London – sorry, it’s not).
I lived on a narrow boat for 2 years.
I’m reasonably handy with a drill.
I can understand the odd word in Portuguese – but woe betide People’s Palace Projects if they come calling for an interpreter.

I really like Northern Soul e.g……..

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